‘Two and a Half Men’ season 10, episode 6 preview: [Spoiler] moves in

As if Walden Schmidt did not find himself in enough trouble on “Two and a Half Men” this season, he then had to go and get involved with a ghost from the past we never thought we would see again: Rose. Even though the episode airing on Thursday night is not coming on until after Halloween, we’re starting to get the feeling that it will still be rather scary.

How bad are things going to be getting for Ashton Kutcher’s character? Let’s just say that he has invited Rose to stay with her, and in many ways this is what we like to know as the calm before the storm.  The storm is coming soon, though, and Walden has to find a way to get the mastermind of trouble (and stalking) out of his house before things get to a point where he ends up regretting this very badly. Does he not realize just how involved this woman was in what happened to Charlie? He made the mistake of taking off with her to Europe, and we all know how that ended for him.

November is turning out to be a great month for this show, as following this up a little later in the month, we are going to have an appearance yet again from Miley Cyrus, reprising her role as Jake’s love interest Missi. Of course, we’re also sure that Zoe is going to find a way to enter into the equation yet again (though this is not confirmed). Let’s just hope there are plenty of laughs along the way.

Are you excited to see this episode?

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