‘Supernatural’ season 8, episode 5 preview: Dean needs a day off (video)

It’s Halloween night Wednesday, and we can’t think of many more shows that are appropriate for holiday viewing than “Supernatural.” With that in mind, why not check out what is the latest sneak peek from the episode, especially when you consider just everything that it is going to tell us about this season?

The irony about this episode is that even though we are going to see Dean try and get back in touch with his time in purgatory, as evidenced by his decision to try and take a little time away from his brother in the video below, this episode is really going to revolve more around Sam’s past more than anything else. While Dean was away, the other Winchester did try to have a normal life with a woman, and put most of this business regarding taking down demons left and right behind him (as difficult of a move as that may be). This was certainly not an easy thing for him to probably do at first, but as time passed by and he started to wonder just if he was ever going to be seeing Dean again, it probably grew a little bit easier.

Considering that the title of the episode is “Blood Brother,” expect some appearances by vampires here … especially one by the name of Benny that is going to be Dean’s frenemy for a little while here. (That’s really the best way that we can put it.) Let’s just hope that there are some genuinely scary and/or gory moments in the process.

Can you think of nothing better than a little bit of “Supernatural” on Halloween night?

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