How to Get Away with Murder season 6: Did Oliver confess?

How to Get Away with MurderThrough much of How to Get Away with Murder season 6, we’ve seen the ABC series do their best in order to slow-play some of the show’s central mysteries. Take, for example, what is going on in regards to the flash-forward timeline, where an informant is dead and questions remain as to who said person is.

What we get a sense of from the closing minutes tonight is this — either Oliver is the guilty party, or he is trying to do whatever he can to protect Connor.

Tonight, Oliver did his best in order to reaffirm to his husband that he would do anything in order to help him. He’s done just about everything that he possibly can to show him that he is as supportive and caring a husband as they come. Is that going to be what causes Oliver to do something this dramatic? Maybe he seriously believes that Connor did it, though it’s not super-clear that Oliver is aware of everything that is going on behind the scenes when it comes to the interrogation.

This mystery just got a lot more interesting tonight — but we still don’t think that Oliver actually did anything. This feels, at least to us, more like the classic case of someone trying to “confess” in order to protect someone else.

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As for some of the other stories of note from tonight, a part of what we ended up seeing was Bonnie deciding to continue pushing the wrongful-death case in order to help Nate, even if the end results of that could be pretty severe. Think in terms of something that could land Frank in some serious trouble, let alone herself depending on how far the Governor decides to take this. In making a decision to fight this fight, we think that it’s pretty clear Bonnie is playing with some serious fire.

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