Arrow series finale: Stephen Amell says goodbye to the suit

For all out there who didn’t know, the Arrow series finale is currently filming … and yea, it’s an emotional occasion. Think about it — eight seasons, hundreds of episodes, and more late-night shoots for the cast than we can possibly count. It’s all coming to a close now, an in hopefully-spectacular fashion. (We’re well-aware that we will probably have to wait until the new year in order to see some of the final episodes play out.)

Last night, Stephen Amell posted a message onto Twitter that brings just about everything home when it comes to the show — it was his last night wearing the famed Green Arrow costume. This is one that he has donned in many different forms over the years, and we’re sure that all of them carry with them their own various degrees of discomfort. You’re living in these things if you’re Stephen sometimes, dealing with a wide array of temperatures. Yet, in the end it’s worth it. This is the show that started a whole universe, and one that also given him an opportunity to take on other roles and challenges coming up. Take, for example, an upcoming wrestling-based series.

As for the actual story of the Arrow series finale, that’s something that will probably remain a mystery for some time moving forward. It’s airing on the other side of the epic Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. We know from the end of last season that Oliver is presumably still out there somewhere, and that Felicity is traveling in order to see him. Hopefully, these are things that do not change because of the crossover event since we know that time can be somewhat malleable within the world of the Arrowverse at large. We just hope for an ending that is satisfying, and also one that allows the rest of the Arrowverse itself to be able to move forward in some interesting directions.

Of course, we do still have some more fantastic Arrow stories to get to before we even get to the crossover — the bulk of the season is still to come.

What do you want to see when it comes to the Arrow series finale?

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