NCIS season 17 episode 7 promo: Cameras in 13 motels!

NCISWant to know some of what’s coming on NCIS season 17 episode 7? We’ve got a new story coming up entitled “No Vacancy,” and all signs suggest one thing more than anything else: Creepiness. We’re in for quite an hour of television with a lot of different surprises sprinkled in.

Of course, we’re not sure that all of these surprises are going to be of the particularly-happy variety. We’re talking, after all, about a case in which there were multiple spy cameras watching hotels all over the Washington DC area. Why would someone do this? That’s one of the biggest questions that we’ve got at the moment, largely due to the fact that these are small, shady motels that are seemingly being watched. There are some sordid reasons why someone would do this, but if that was the case, why would the NCIS take this on? Well, there is a murdered Marine at the center of the case.

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Of course, we have a feeling that this case will befuddle many, but then there are also questions as to how the personal lives of the agents are featured in this episode, as well. Yesterday, we learned that Torres does seem to have some sort of new love interest. Is everything as it seems there? We question why he wouldn’t tell Bishop about it until now, but that may be because he does have some latent feelings for her.

The big shock for the NCIS team case-wise will likely just be the full scope of everywhere they are having to investigate. After all, they’re not just dealing with spy cameras showing up at one place — there could be thirteen of them, in total, by the time that we make it to the end of this case.

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