Golden Globes 2020: Should Jared Harris, Aaron Paul, David Tennant get Limited Series/Movie nod? (Poll)

On Sunday, January 5, the 2020 Golden Globes are going to be held on NBC! It’s one of the most significant awards shows recognizing television of the year, and over the past month or so, we imagine that there will be campaigns aplenty regarding some of the shows/performers in the mix. On Monday, December 9, all of the nominations will be officially announced.

For the sake of the month of November, though, what we’re doing is our part to help prepare you! Throughout the Golden Globes Preview Series, we will be coming to you each day with a different category to spotlight. We’ll talk through why certain shows and performers are worthy of nominations, and then at the end share a poll for you to vote for your own favorite! Today, the focus is on Actor in a Limited Series / TV Movie, a field that we certainly think is stacked this time around!

Voting Rules – Vote however often you’d like! We’ll share the results come Saturday, November 30 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific time. Note that our poll is strictly for fun and to build up buzz during awards season; these polls are not for the actual Golden Globes.

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Benedict Cumberbatch, Brexit – Transforming yourself into someone like Dominic Cummings is no easy feat. You have the challenge of trying to present yourself as a public figure, someone who is well-known with specific mannerisms and characteristics. Also, Cumberbatch is so well-known at this point that he often stands out as himself. Yet, this was a transformative role within a movie that, somehow, doesn’t feel like it’s gotten its due for characterizing a specific chapter in British history. It may be a divisive one, but that does not make it any less noteworthy.

Jared Harris, Chernobyl – We don’t want to call Valery Legasov a breakout role for Harris, mostly because he’s been on our radar for as long as we can remember. Yet, consider his library of work: Mad Men, The Terror, The Crown, Fringe, and even an arc of The Expanse that we only recently got around to seeing. He’s an exemplary actor who commits everything to his role, and this part was as gut-wrenching and mesmerizing as any you will see. Dare we say it, but it may be Harris’ best overall work.

Jharrel Jerome, When They See Us – Before the Netflix limited series, there’s a chance that Jerome would’ve been best known for some of his work over on Mr. Mercedes. As Korey Wise, Jerome now has a transcendent performance that will stand out and send his career to new heights. He did not shy away from the difficult or more powerful moments, as his character was a key catalyst to the effectiveness of the overall story — one that absolutely needed to be told.

Aaron Paul, El Camino – After seasons of Breaking Bad, seeing Paul back as Jesse Pinkman was nothing short of delightful. Yet, it’s also hard to describe anything that the character went through in El Camino in such a way. Jesse was a tortured soul who was concerned with little other than survival, still haunted by the ghosts of his past. This performance was subtle at times, but also still weighty as Paul played Jesse through numerous stages of his Breaking Bad journey.

David Tennant, Good Omens – Crowley is a role that encompasses so many different things: Drama, humor, frustration, and also whimsy. It’s hard to pull off since you need both charisma and also a willingness to take big swings. Luckily, Tennant was the perfect actor for the part. He could often do a lot with only a word or two of dialogue, or with just a movement of his head. He embodies characters fully, and it’s a shame David hasn’t been recognized for that enough.

There are three other candidates in our poll, as well, worth consideration — Russell Crowe from The Loudest Voice, Mahershala Ali from True Detective, and Sam Rockwell from Fosser/Verdon.

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