NCIS: New Orleans season 6: Lucas Black talks Lasalle’s shocking death

NCIS: New OrleansLast night’s NCIS: New Orleans season 6 episode was stunning, and we think it’s going to reverberate with people for some time. Lucas Black is now gone from the series, as Christopher Lasalle is now dead.

So why did Black decide to say farewell at this time? In a new video (see below), the actor confirms what show executive producers Christopher Silber and Jan Nash had to say in a statement — it was a choice that he made to spend more time with his family. This wasn’t something that he was forced to do, and we certainly do not think that the cast or crew wanted him to go — at least creatively. In terms of Black’s own happiness, however, we are sure that they have no problem at all wishing him well. They understand precisely what he gave to this show, and that includes long hours and a lot of heart and soul. It takes a lot to be a part of a show like this, and for Lucas, you’re also talking about a guy who has been working in this business since he was a kid. He’s got six seasons of network TV under his belt now and with that, he has a chance to go and relish in more of the little things. We hardly think that he’s done acting — he could return to the Fast and the Furious franchise at any given point — but this is an opportunity for him to do some new things.

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If you wanted to raise the question as to why the producers of NCIS: New Orleans has to kill off Lasalle, that’s a reasonable question. If we were to guess, we’d argue that it probably has a thing or two to do with them realizing that this character loved his job and wouldn’t have left willingly. You couldn’t offer him another gig like you did Percy, since there was a very small chance he would take it. He already had chosen to remain an NCIS agent in the past when given opportunities to do more with his father’s business.

We’re gonna miss Lasalle, and both the energy and heart he brought to the show. His demeanor and sense of humor gave a lot of authenticity to the show’s unique New Orleans world.

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