‘Homeland’ season 2 spoilers: Will Brody rat on himself? (video)

After what was undoubtedly the best episode for “Homeland” so far this season, there is inevitably a question that comes along with that: how do you top something that was already pretty stellar? The answer here is ultimately pretty basic: you make sure that even though the rules have changed, you are still playing the same game.

For Brody, that game is deciding where his allegiances lie between his own country (which has admittedly not always done the right thing, and the Vice-President is evidence of that) and a group of terrorists who are planning some sort of attack on American soil. Now that he is working supposedly with Carrie and the CIA, he is a valuable asset and one of the few connections that they really do have to Abu Nazir. With that being said, the question is just whether or not they can actually trust him to do the right thing at all.

Based on the preview below, it’s not looking good for those out there who were hoping that Brody was not going to simply go out and spill the beans right away about what the CIA did to him to one of Nazir’s operatives. This has not been confirmed by any means that he has broken the agreement, but it still does not look great. There is also some trouble brewing here for Carrie, who is at risk solely due to the fact that she has let her history with Brody get in the way of her work before, and the last thing the agency needs is for it to compromise one of the most important missions out here now.

As for what other stories are unfolding this week, expect the polarizing plotline involving Dana to continue as she wants to tell someone about the hit-and-run, but she is being pushed not to by one of the most important sons in the country. For those wondering why we are getting so much of her this season, we have to believe that there is a purpose behind it; after all, what happens here could be closely tied into the future of Brody’s own career in politics.

What do you think will happen now that Brody and Carrie are “working together”?

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