‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 spoilers: What to expect via ‘Ablation’

There will be violence (and plenty of it) on Tuesday night’s new episode of “Sons of Anarchy,” and in news that really should not surprise anyone given the nature of this show, not everyone involved in what happens here is going to walk out of it alive. We’re not going to share any major spoilers here, but we will give a few details as to some of what we are hearing about across the internet.

For one, expect to see some unusual bonding sessions in this episode between such people as Juice and Clay, and to an extent even Clay and Gemma when he makes a major move to lend her a helping hand for the sake of her relationship with Jax and Tara. How will Jax respond to all of this? He may be a little bit preoccupied trying to over someone who may be a rat inside SAMCRO. He turns to a number of people for assistance here, but it is Eli who really may actually want something in return … even if he wants something important in return.

According to BuddyTV, there will also be a hostage crisis during this episode, and those of you who know this show well, then you probably have an inclination of what happens when someone is held somewhere against their will. It never ends well. Being that there only are a handful of episodes left this season, we anticipate this really being an hour to bridge the gap between the middle of this season, and what will be set up to be the end.

Of course, come back following the episode for a full review.

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