Golden Globes 2020 poll: Will Good Omens, True Detective, El Camino get Limited Series nomination?

Good Omens season 1On Sunday, January 5, the 2020 Golden Globes are going to be held on NBC! It’s one of the most significant awards shows recognizing television of the year, and over the past month or so, we imagine that there will be campaigns aplenty regarding some of the shows/performers in the mix. On Monday, December 9, all of the nominations will be officially announced.

For the sake of the month of November, though, what we’re doing is our part to help prepare you! Throughout the Golden Globes Preview Series, we will be coming to you each day with a different category to spotlight. We’ll talk through why certain shows and performers are worthy of nominations, and then at the end share a poll for you to vote for your own favorite!

Voting Rules – Vote however often you’d like! We’ll share the results come Saturday, November 30 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific time. Note that our poll is strictly for fun and to build up buzz during awards season; these polls are not for the actual Golden Globes.

Today, the spotlight is on TV Movie / Limited Series — a category that is as competitive this year as ever before. There are five candidates that we have on our personal wishlist, and they are in the poll below alongside three others that we consider to be favorites — Fosse/Vernon, Unbelievable, and Brexit.

Chernobyl (HBO) – Raw, gripping, haunting, and historical. Sure, there are many Americans who have heard the word spoken before, but we imagine that there are many others who are not entirely aware of the full story. This brought you that in gripping fashion, with stirring writing and with Jared Harris leading a cast of performers intent on giving you a true sense of the disaster and the aftermath.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (Netflix) – The journey of Jesse Pinkman was years in the making, and there is no doubt that it delivered everything we could’ve ever wanted — beautiful cinematography, an outstanding performance from Aaron Paul, and more reminders of all of the television that Vince Gilligan does best. It was somehow violent in moments and breathtakingly poignant in others.

Good Omens (Amazon) – A fantastic adaptation driven by shrewd direction, fantastic storytelling, and a style that separated it from so many other Heaven/Hell themed programs that have been produced the past several years. Good Omens serves as one of the best reminders of what a great limited series can do — make you hunger for more, regardless of whether or not more is actually a great idea. This stands on its own in fantastic fashion.

True Detective (HBO) – How about this for a redemption story? After a season 2 that struggled under the weight of its own messy narrative, season 3 tightened the screws, brought creator Nic Pizzolatto back more to his roots, and established itself as one of the best character-based mysteries out there. Sure, it was about the crime — but also, some of what happened around the crime to those directly involved.

When They See Us (Netflix) – What we have with this series is just commitment, from start to finish, to telling an outstanding, meaningful story that breathes pain and life into headlines. Ava DuVernay delivered one of her best works to date. We could go on and on for a while as to what makes When They See Us work — it’s emotional, heartwrenching, but also instructive. It leaves you wanting to know and understand more.

Photo: Prime Video
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