‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: The Max Adler questions keep coming

Over the years here, we know that “Glee” has been very good to some of its own, whether it means promoting actors to new positions, or bringing back characters for more even after their guest arcs are already over.

Just one primary example of this? Max Adler’s Karofsky. After an arc during season 2 where we saw the bully ultimately try to redeem himself after threatening at one point to kill Kurt (and this was after kissing him), we thought that this story could be over. Then, he ended up coming back briefly during season 3 as his character attempting to kill himself following it getting out to his new classmates that he was gay. At the very end of all this, it really did look like the character was starting to end up on the right road to a happy life in the future.

Sadly, what we do not know at this very moment is just when we are going to be seeing this character resurface again. We’ve mentioned before that there are no plans to bring Karofsky back in the immediate future, but according to a new report from E! News, both parties are definitely still interested. There are some scripts still to be written for the new year, and the other thing you have to consider here is that Kurt is now single. As much as people like Klaine, there always has been a group of people ready and willing to ship Kurt and Karofsky together, even if there is still a part of us that thinks that there is too much water under the bridge for this to realistically happen.

We would ultimately be stunned if Karofsky never turns up on the show again, but this may very well be a situation where only time will tell.

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