Blue Bloods season 10 episode 6 review: Assault by a sandwich!

Blue Bloods season 10

Tonight on Blue Bloods season 10 episode 6, what we saw is a story that can be described as the following: Everyone wants to help. Yet, some people are better at helping than others, and there are different ways in order to help.

Take, for example, Anthony trying to figure out how to be the best foster dad possible to Sam, a kid who is struggling and trying to find his way in the world. It wasn’t clear if that wasn’t going to be Anthony.

For Frank, he wanted to figure out how to navigate a delicate pension battle over a former cop who didn’t think he was getting enough from the NYPD — meanwhile, he was also making profits as a speaker. Was he getting a little too much for his time on the force? Or, was he committing fraud? This was a guy, after all, who lost his fingers in what Frank proclaimed to be an “assault by a sandwich.”

The good news for Frank is that he was able to arrange a deal to ensure that he got to keep some of his pension … but there were all sorts of conditions to it.

As for the story when it comes to Jamie and Eddie, they took on a case at the hands of a friend, who wanted to do what he could to figure out what happened with his daughter. There were some explicit photos of her that found their way online, and there were questions aplenty as to how all of this would shake down. At first, it seemed as though it was her former boyfriend who was responsible, but it just so turns out that this wasn’t the case. He was innocent, and she wanted to set him up because she was heartbroken.

In the end, Jamie and Eddie tried to make sure this case didn’t end up being a legal one, and it wasn’t just about helping the daughter. Instead, it was also about helping the father at the same exact time.

Finally, Danny and Baez took on a case of their own tonight — doing their best in order to take down someone who killed a prison “pen pal.” There were a lot of weird, strange connections at the heart of this case, and it built towards what we’d consider to be an interesting arrest.

CarterMatt Verdict

The best story tonight was, ironically, for someone not a Reagan — it was Anthony, a man who had to deal with a lot of emotional pain because of his status as a foster dad. We do wish that there was something more within this episode for him, but sometimes, you gotta take what you can get.

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