‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Who’s this angry mob after?

Thus far on “Once Upon a Time” this season, there has been a little bit of a recurring theme: unhappy members of the town of Storybrooke. During the premiere earlier this fall, they were all ready to pretty much just tie Regina up and allow her to burn at the stake over some of what did to them in creating this town to begin with. Now, it appears as though they are setting their sights on someone different who may be far harder to control in this world than in the fairy tale land that was: Red / Ruby.

In the first photo to the left from the upcoming “Child of the Moon,” you see the arrival of more torches than we have seen from a mob on this show yet, and they are specifically after Meghan Ory’s character as they suspect her of having brutally murdered someone in the town while possibly in wolf form; and of course, she is scared by the accusations.

However, what does seem interesting about these images is that Red will continue to have one person seemingly supporting her even when no one else is: David. How long will that last? It’s ultimately going to depend just on how much the town’s makeshift sheriff / prince can really find out about what happened. This is not going to be an easy episode for her, as we are also going to see her during some flashbacks try to find some refuge from the rest of the world with some like-minded individuals who will truly understand a little bit of what she is going through.

What do you think about these photos, and who do you think could be behind this killing if it was not Red?

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