NBC’s ‘Revolution’ review: It’s all fun and games

At this point in “Revolution’s” run on TV, we are really of two minds. From one standpoint, there are some pretty great characters, and one of the most interesting ones in Aaron was spotlight this week like he never has been before. Until now, we had really just thought of him as the Hurley of the show thanks to him immense wealth and lack of any real fighting ability. However, we now know him for what he really is: a coward, as he left his wife simply because he didn’t think he could protect her.

Now, we turn to the major problem plaguing the characters, and possibly keeping it from making it all the way to the promised land: we’re not really finding either Miles or Charlie to be that interesting. Watching their dialogue is like listening to the song that your radio station plays every thirty minutes: you really want to like it, but it’s the same thing over and over again and it all just feels like they are trying too hard. We didn’t really buy Charlie’s sudden walk on the dark side during this episode, and thus, we couldn’t really connect on her journey to nearly kill a man at all. The same goes Miles: we already know that he is awesome and knows how to handle a sword.

Save for a brief moment at the end when Danny and his mom were finally reunited, there wasn’t really that much over the course of the episode that also really happened. Did we see some great flashbacks? Sure, and the visuals were pretty as always. The show is just starting to feel a little bit like another polarizing show in “Falling Skies,” where every week we see the characters wandering around and taking too long to do everything. We’d rather see 13 episodes of a tightly-knit series than one that feels as though it doesn’t always know where it is going, or is not getting there fast enough.

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