‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2 spoilers: Scott Porter chats about sleepwalking George

So long as The CW does not pull their lineup again courtesy of Hurricane, we are going to be seeing some spooky things courtesy of Tuesday night’s new episode of “Hart of Dixie.” To be specific here, this Halloween episode is going to be featuring a zombie … and his name is George.

What in the world is causing this man to sleepwalk around Bluebell? That much is unclear, but in a new video uploaded by the network to promote this episode, Scott Porter describes the issue as something that his character has suffered from since he was a child. With that in mind, you would think that this would be something relatively treatable by now; however, Porter also says that he is literally going to be spending most of this episode wandering around unsure as to what is happening around him.

At one point in the midst of all this craziness, Zoe decides that she wants to take advantage of this situation with George to try and perform a sleep study on him. This is why you do end up seeing him hanging out her place, but there still is a problem here: he somehow finds a way to escape. Will there be some other things going on during this episode? We’re sure of it, in between the election that is coming up and the Zoe and Wade hookups as of late. However, we would be lying were we to say that the idea of Halloween costumes and George stumbling around were not at the very top of our priority list at the moment.

Are you excited to see this episode in particular?

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