Big Brother: Are Julie Chen’s Halloween costumes teasing winter season?

Big Brother -This week has been a strange one for Big Brother host Julie Chen, and for most of the show’s fans to go along with it. Why? Go ahead and blame some of her Halloween costumes for it.

Throughout the past several days, Julie has shared images on both her Twitter and Instagram of herself dressed up like various houseguests from the CBS show. We’ve got her doing her best take on Chilltown (Mike Boogie and Dr. Will Kirby), Nicole Franzel, Zach Rance, the Wackstreet Boys (Johnny Mac, Jason Roy, and the Nolan Twins), and then also today Paul Abrahamian. Some of these costume choices are going to be polarizing, mostly because the word “polarizing” is almost attached to Paul like glue at this point.

For a deeper dive into this Big Brother costume conspiracy, check out our latest video below all about Julie’s Paul costume! Be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and then also stay tuned … this is still a developing story and we’ll have more news soon.

So what has Julie been up to with some of these photos? We do at least have a few different theories to hand down on the subject for now.

1. A winter all-stars season – This is the best example of wishful thinking. A lot of the people Julie impersonated feel like prime candidates for a winter edition of Big Brother featuring the most notable returning players. Sure, Jason was an early boot on season 17, but he was a runner-up on Big Brother: Over the Top. Meanwhile, Liz was a runner-up on season 17 and Zach and Johnny Mac were both incredibly popular.

2. A celebrity season – We don’t think that Julie’s teases are necessarily a sign that these specific players are coming back — instead, it may just be her stoking the BB fires for some other announcement. January/February were used for Celebrity Big Brother the past two seasons and we could see that easily happening again, especially since some of CBS’ new series have faltered somewhat in the ratings. They’re not terrible, but Big Brother has done just as well, if not better, in live numbers.

3. A CBS reality showdown – Think in terms of Big Brother, Survivor, and Amazing Race contestants doing battle. This could be a way for Big Brother to get some new viewers, and also get more affordable contestants than celebrities.

4. Absolutely nothing – Maybe she just wanted to have a one-woman costume party? If that’s the case, though, she’s gotta realize that all of her hype is going to lead to mind-numbing disappointment when nothing else comes from this.

Odds are, we’ll get a good sense of what is happening with Julie over the next few weeks. If there’s no news, then we’ll know this was all a waste.

Do you think that Julie Chen is hyping something up, Big Brother related?

Be sure to share right now in the comments, and remember to stick around to get some other news. (Photo: CBS.)

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