Blue Bloods season 10 episode 6 sneak peek: Jamie does a favor

Blue Bloods season 10

Blue Bloods season 10 episode 6 is going to be stuffed full of mysteries as they often are, but this one for Jamie may hit a little closer to home. After all, he’s taking on a case for a friend, and it’s one that will certainly be emotional. Why? Let’s just say that it is outside some of his original purview.

In the video via CBS, you can get a good sense of some of what we’re talking about here as Jamie clues in Eddie to some of what he is working on — trying to help the friend after someone has posted some risque photos of his daughter out of revenge/retaliation. What’s kind of strange is that Jamie refers to the friend as just “a friend of mine” to Eddie — wouldn’t she know who he is?

The challenges for Jamie within this situation are twofold. First, there is the matter of getting this young woman to open up at all about what she’s gone through, which is where Jamie wants Eddie’s help. It’s not necessarily because she’s been through something similar in the past; instead, it’s because both he and his friend have each done their best at trying to no avail.

The other issue at hand here is merely one of expertise. There is a separate department just for computer-related crime, and yet Jamie hasn’t sent it over there. He’s trying to handle this matter on own, which feels like it could be both a good and bad thing. Jamie can control the case a little bit more, but without the proper investigative resources, will he be as effective? We’ll get a good sense of that on Friday.

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