Jack Ryan season 2 epsidoe 6 review: Did Jack, Greer stop Reyes?


Jack Ryan season 2 episode 6 was the episode where everything went from bad to worse … so much worse.

On this past episode, Jack was able to determine that there were connections between Max and a lawyer back in Venezuela … one that could hold all of the connections needed as to what was really going on with Reyes and the government’s plans. Alas, his undercover mission with Greer’s help was a bonafide disaster. It hard to get any traction from the get-go and, instead, they found themselves captured and threatened by Reyes.

In the end, let’s just say that Jack telling the President to his face that he was responsible for Senator Moreno’s death did not go over well. He knows that he has been sniffing around and he doesn’t like that — at all. Not only has he made Jack and Greer’s life hell, but the same goes for his opponent. During this episode, Reyes was able to do his part to try and connect Greer and Gloria, which means that, all of a sudden, the American government is in bed with one party during the election.

So now, Venezuela — or at least part of it — is being sent into chaos because of claims of outside interference. There was chaos and violence outside the embassy, multiple men were missing in the jungle, and much of the government was heading hope. That is, except for Mike, Jack, and Greer. They wanted to stick around and try to get answers, but they’re doing so without help or resources from the government. They’re doing it alone, and that in itself isn’t going to be easy … but that’s before getting into what actually happened with Greer. He was betrayed instead of being driven the airport at Jack’s request and at the end of the episode, he was left cornered to presumably die — as if he wasn’t in danger of that already, given his heart condition.

So everything is awful right now. Jack’s still scrambling for evidence to connect Moreno to Reyes, but he’s doing it without all the much in the way of support — and with the country’s best political hope facing a myriad of problems of her own.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a tough, violent episode that was mostly about stoking political fears and Reyes doing whatever he can in order to make sure to destroy his opposition. It’s basically akin to what he told Jack and Greer during their appearance at the polo match — he’s done being “helpful,” and now he’s just going to cause some chaos. (Of course, when was he ever helpful?)

Amidst all of the drama of this episode, let’s not forget the best line of the season in Greer trying to go undercover as Canadian coffee magnate Timothy Horton. Genius, and now we also want some donuts.

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