‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: Nina Dobrev on upcoming death

“The Vampire Diaries” is at the end of the day a show where death always seems to be front and center, and so far a season has not gone by without us seeing at least one important character bite the dust in some sort of tragic way. The first season, it was both Anna and Vicki; then, season 2 brought us the demise of Aunt Jenna; in closing, last year was quite possibly the saddest death of all in Alaric (who nonetheless made a cameo appearance earlier this year).

So who could end up potentially heading to the great supernatural land in the sky? It’s hard to say, but just about everyone seems to be at risk given that we have such villains as Klaus and vampire hunter Connor on the loose, in addition to the mere fact that Elena is now a vampire, and the transition thus far seems to be leading her down a somewhat dark and unexpected path. With all of this in mind, Nina Dobrev told the following recently to Ryan Seacrest on the subject:

“Yes, [some people will die]. Multiple main characters. At the moment there are talks of at least one or two. But it always changes. Nothings set in stone until we’ve shot it, and even then.”

Who will these people be? We can pretty much rule out Elena, Damon, and Stefan already, since it would be stunning to see the show go on without any of these characters. As for everyone else, they all seem to be reasonably fair game, though we doubt that Klaus will be going anywhere since they already decided to spare him last season when he originally was supposed to die.

Who do you think are some of the most-likely candidates to bite the dust when it comes to the show?

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