Madam Secretary season 6 episode 5 spoilers: About ‘Daisy’

Next week on CBS, Madam Secretary season 6 episode 5 is going to be here — and it will be joined by a lot of different drama. It also could be one of the most character-specific episodes that we’ve had a chance to see so far. After all, this is an episode entitled simply “Daisy.”

So what can we expect within this episode? In a lot of ways, this speaks for itself — it’s a chance to shine the light on a singular character who has been a longtime part of the show. Daisy’s done everything that she can in order to ensure that Elizabeth McCord’s career is a fruitful one; she’s also worked so hard that there are parts of her own personal life that have been put on hold.

But how does she define her own life? What sort of closure is she going to have? We imagine that within this episode, you are going to have some opportunities to see all of this play out. You will learn potentially so much more about her beyond just that emotional moment with Russell at the tail end of what we saw tonight.

We understand that Madam Secretary season 6 is only ten episodes long and with that in mind, there’s only so much attention that can be given to every single character under the sun. It’s with this in mind, though, that it makes the presence and power of “Daisy” as an episode stand out even more. It’s a reminder of what she means to this show, and it will also serve as a great way to mark the halfway point of the final season once we do make it to the end. From there, we’ll only have a handful of opportunities to define the Elizabeth McCord Presidency — let’s hold out hope that there remains a hopeful message.

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