Jack Ryan season 2 episode 2 review: Jack vs. Nicolás Reyes

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On Jack Ryan season 2 episode 2, what we learned is that the title character has no fear. Sometimes, you could say that this is true to the detriment of his own well-being.

What we’re learning within the early part of this season is quite simple — there are some dangerous people buried deep within Caracas at the moment, and many of them may stem from Nicolás Reyes. This is a man intent on holding onto as much power possible … and we gotta think that he will do whatever he can to hold onto it.

Is he behind the assassination of Senator Moreno? There are reasons to suspect that he may be, given his resources and fears that something may happen to undermine his own sense of power and control. How deep his pockets, and his tentacles, go is one of the major question marks that we’ve got. They apparently do go far enough that he can have people out trying to kill Jack while he celebrates his daughter and his own opulence in the most extravagant way possible.

Jack and Greer, in this episode, did find a larger way to work together, mostly because both of them realize that their work may be very well connected, and there could be a larger international threat brewing underneath the surface. Add to this other intelligence from Europe and elsewhere and there are a lot of eyeballs focusing in on the country.

Episode 2 had it all — at least when it comes to Jack being involved in some tense negotiations, false identities, and then also Jack telling Reyes to his face that he was responsible for killing Moreno. (Doesn’t seem like the best move in retrospect, given how Jack was probably almost killed later for this very reason.)

What this episode did also bring to the table was a reminder that Greer isn’t who he once was, and that the state of his health could end up proving to be an important storyline coursing through much of this season. If he can’t run down bad guys, he has to think smarter. He has to think a few different steps ahead.

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Through episode 2, it does remain clear that Jack has a deep emotional investment in getting justice for the Senator — though this emotion would be amplified more if we could get more within his world. That remains a problem with the series, but what it did deliver within this episode was more reminders that allies are not always fully trusting of each other.

While we don’t think two episodes in that Jack Ryan season 2 that this is a show that is reinventing itself, it is providing more of what you loved the first time around: Solid espionage drama, notable characters, and twists every step of the way.

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