Blue Bloods season 10 episode 5 review: Eddie vs. a cult leader

Blue Bloods season 10

Tonight on Blue Bloods, we had a chance to see Eddie Reagan emerge and have a chance to stand on her own two feet. Why? It has a thing or two to do with an undercover operation she went under.

At the start of the episode, Erin was approached by a woman named Ramona, who was hoping that the DA’s office would consider looking into a complicated case involving a cult leader named Shapiro who had a history of doing some terrible stuff. This led to Erin recruiting Eddie, who created a persona in Jess from Wisconsin. Within this case, she befriended the right people and worked to get to the bottom of what Shapiro was up to … and she was successful.

If there was one thing that we would we would complain about with this story, it’s that it could’ve been so much more. One of the problems with a show like Blue Bloods is that there are only so many opportunities that you have to dive into some various storylines. Also, they only last for so long. If the show went more serialized, we could’ve watched Eddie infiltrate this world for a long time — it was over quickly, but it was nice to see Eddie learn along the way.

As for some of everything else that we saw within the episode, there were some pretty fascinating odds and ends throughout here. Take, for example, us getting a chance to learn a little bit more in regards to Jamie Reagan challenging authority — his own boss in Espinoza. What was going on with him and a new officer in Sarah Brooks? As it turns out, there was a connection … but it was just Espinoza trying to help someone who was troubled. It wasn’t as seedy as Jamie once thought.

Also in this episode, Frank had to figure out how to deal with an officer accused of using excessive force, while Danny had to help a rapper following the death of a bodyguard. There was a lot going on here from start to finish — and that’s without even noting the news that Nicky seems to be gone from the series now!

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight, Blue Bloods season 10 episode 5 brought out everything that we could’ve hoped for. There was a lot going on, but through a lot of it, judgment was the key. Did the court of public opinion help to convict an officer, and beyond that, did Jamie judge Espinoza too quickly? As per usual, Blue Bloods excels looking at tough questions in nuanced ways.

What did you think about Blue Bloods season 10 episode 5 overall?

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