Outlander (Jamie & Claire) vs. Blindspot (Jane & Weller) – ‘Shiptober poll

ShiptoberWelcome to ‘Shiptober 2019! Throughout the month of October, CarterMatt will be bringing you our annual tournament featuring some of best ‘ships in all of TV. What is a ‘ship? It is comprised of characters you want to see together romantically. Maybe they’re already together, or maybe they’ve never been together. It doesn’t matter. ‘Shipping is one of the most popular parts of any TV fandom, it’s super fun and this tournament is a celebration of that.

In today’s edition of ‘Shiptober, we’re inching closer to the final round! This poll introduces you to the first half of your final four in Jamie & Claire from Outlander versus Jane & Weller from Blindspot. We’re anticipating this being a fun showdown between pairs that have done a great job already of inspiring viewers to vote. One of the two of them will make it into the finals, so happy voting! We’re excited to see what the results are.

Voting Rules – Voting will be underway in the poll below from now until Monday, October 28 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time. Vote however often you’d like! (For more voting instructions or technical questions, check out the bottom of this article for answers.)

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Jamie & Claire, Outlander (#1 seed) – After taking down Magnus & Alec from Shadowhunters in the third round of the tournament, one thing is clear — Outlander fans mean business! They’ve got one pair in the fourth round, and there is a very good chance that they are going to add another to the mix if Roger & Bree end up defeating Tony & Ziva. Before that potential all-Outlander finale can happen, though, they have a formidable opponent to go through.

Jane & Weller, Blindspot (#4 seed) – Jeller at the moment may be one of the biggest Cinderella stories out there in ‘Shiptober. Think about some of the competition they’ve defeated! They managed to take down last year’s runner-up in Owen & Amelia from Grey’s Anatomy, and they’ve also taken down another major threat in Lucifer & Chloe from Lucifer. Is there a chance for them to take down another opponent on their way to the finale? We’ll have to wait and see…

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Now, it’s your turn

Who do you want to see advance to the tournament proper? Be sure to vote below!

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