‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Will Hannah end up on the table? (video)

With very few exceptions save for Brother Sam last season, “Dexter” has consistently managed to prove one thing to us over the years: people don’t change. They only evolve, and sometimes this evolution makes them even worse than the person that they were before. Just because Hannah McKay was granted immunity for her work in turning over Wayne Randall, for example, does not mean that she is now playing it safe when it comes to her own dark passenger.

Did Hannah really just stop her evil ways the moment that her boyfriend was turned in so many years ago? That is the question that Sunday night’s new episode will serve to ask, as Dexter decides that he pull out all of his greatest moves of seduction in order to convince Yvonne Strahovski’s character to get close to him, just so that he can figure out what sort of person she is now. There is some room in his code for reformation (since he did not kill Brother Sam), but there also is some hypocrisy in what he is doing.

What are we talking about here? It’s a mere reference to the fact that Dexter already said this season that he would not make the mistake of letting someone live when he realized that they should be on his table, mostly in part thanks to what went down with Trinity. While he did not hesitate when it comes to finding a way to take out Isaak (even if it wasn’t by killing him), He is doing so with a woman who for sure has one person on her body count already.

While this story is starting to get us very excited, we are still a little bit more on the fence about watching Quinn repeat many of his past mistakes when it comes to what is going on at the strip club, and his own recklessness has landed him in a position where not only is his job in jeopardy, but so is his relationship with Nadya.

Do you think that Dexter is making a mistake in keeping Hannah alive?

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