Blue Bloods season 10 episode 5 sneak peek: Eddie’s undercover prep

Blue Bloods season 10

On Blue Bloods season 10 episode 5 this Friday, we’re going to be seeing Eddie taking on one of her more challenging solo cases. Not only is she having to investigate a dangerous cult, she’s going to be doing so undercover! Think in terms of the challenges here — maintaining a persona, ensuring she keeps the trust of those around her, and also still not losing who she really is along the way. This is a lot for any one person to manage! Luckily, Eddie is no ordinary person and she’ll be leaning in hard on some of her super-cop powers to get things done here.

Consider the sneak peek to be an introduction to Eddie’s new alter ego — Jess Maitland, a transplant from Wisconsin and someone with a relatable backstory to her. After all, Jess’ father also went to prison. It’s a believable enough persona so she doesn’t have to lie constantly about everything and she can focus more on the case. Anthony serves as her undercover guide here, and he instructs her to work on building trust before eventually zeroing in on Shapiro — the person who is actually at the center of everything that is going on here.

Anthony may work at the District Attorney’s office, but he remains here a source of sage wisdom. He remains Eddie of how much she needs to be on her toes, mostly because one wrong move could lead to her getting killed. While the members of this cult may not appear to be extremely dangerous on the surface, there is a quiet threat level here. Sometimes, the most violent people on undercover cases are the ones who feel at first to be unassuming.

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