‘Dexter’ season 7, episode 5 review: Who’s behind bars?

We cannot even start to express here just how fantastic this season of “Dexter” is becoming; not only is it a vast improvement over last year, but the potential is there that it could end up joining seasons 2 and 4 as the finest of the Showtime series. Is there a lot going on? Yes, but when all of the stories are so interesting, this is not really too bad.

This episode Sunday was actually the first time that we really had a sense of just how interesting Isaak is as a character, since we started to see a little bit more about how the man actually operates, and his “eye for an eye” sort of philosophy. He’s also someone who met their “end” (for now) in a different way than any other Big Bad on the show. For one, he’s now behind bars rather than in jail after Dexter orchestrated a plan to have the Columbian drug cartel kill him. It backfired, but something good still came out of it. As great as this is, Dexter still has to worry about all of the other men that could be coming after him even with Isaak dead.

Even with Isaak in jail, another Big Bad is rising courtesy of Hannah McKay. This was the first time that Yvonne Strahovski really got an opportunity to show some of this character’s layers, and we learned just how sinister she truly is … not to mention a good liar. Dexter has not really dealt with a female killer of this magnitude since Lila back in season 2, and that was a different situation in that she was more a product of his own creation. We don’t really know what Hannah is just yet, so it’s intriguing to watch this develop.

Finally, we close things off here with the stellar continuation of the Deb storyline. Who saw it coming that she was going to have to bail the guy out so much in one week? We sure didn’t, as she saved him brutally from the Bay Harbor Butcher plot that is happening at the moment with LaGuerta. She’s been deeply involved in a good part of everything, but after a stellar scene where she lied to Batista about Mike Anderson’s death, she decided that she really doesn’t want part of this portion of Dexter’s life anymore. Do we really think this will happen? Not at all; she’s already opened Pandora’s Box, and now she will have to watch the demons fly in her direction.

What did you think about this episode?

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