‘Gossip Girl’ season 6 spoilers: Tension for Dan and Serena (video)

On Monday night’s new episode of “Gossip Girl,” it is already pretty fair to say one thing: every bit of drama possible is about to hit the fan in the Upper East Side. If you thought that this show was intense before, just wait to see what Dan Humphrey is up to next.

In the video below from the show’s producers, you can see the show’s producers talk a bit about just what sort of misfortune Dan has really brought on everyone at this point courtesy of his new serial. First and foremost, he has alienated Nate thanks to the fact that he opted not to go with his publication, and has thus screwed him over at the last second in favor of Vanity Fair. In addition to that, Serena is absolutely terrified about what sort of juicy details could be in a chapter about her past with Dan. After all, she is really trying to make her relationship with Steven work, even though that is going to be hard in itself after the discovery is made that she and her daughter’s boyfriend have a romantic past.

In addition to everything that is happening with Dan this episode, we are going to see yet another challenge courtesy of Blair as she temporarily puts her fashion line on hold (which may be a good thing, considering the disaster that unfolded at the show) in order to try and focus in on a mystery involving a certain “Lady Alexander” that she tried to figure out with Chuck. For those of you who love these two, you’ll probably be rather thrilled with this episode.

How do you think Serena will react to a chapter of Dan’s serial about her hitting the press?

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