‘Curiosity: Brainwashed’ review: Discovery’s most haunting one yet

Typically, we try to get our look at the Discovery “Curiosity” specials up before they actually air; but since we are writing this one just as it concluded airing on TV, we’ll take a different look at just what unfolded here in this “Brainwashed” episode and at least go into some more specifics.

Overall, this was actually probably our favorite so far of the season for one primary reason: the way in which the psychologists and scientists actually looked at the human mind. Can someone really be brainwashed into really doing something sinister, or is this something that is already programmed into their mind and set off by some sort of trigger? We’ve always been fascinated by the extent of what the mind can do, and this played up that angle to the fullest.

As interesting as this special was to watch, we also are sure that there are going to be plenty of skeptics out there who doubt what they saw in terms of the capability of someone to be hypnotized to conduct some terrible things. If nothing else, the special does introduce the point that actions of this sort are possible, even if difficult to executive given all of the variables that it would take for the hypnosis to be a success. The person we really feel for at the moment is Ivan, who was brainwashed to simulate killing a man on the street. While the bullets used in the stunt were fake, this guy now has to go around for the rest of his life with the belief that there is a switch within him that can be flicked to make him into someone he is clearly not … even though the team there assured him that he will never fall victim to this in his everyday life, and what he did was not a product by any means of the sort of person that he is.

Did you enjoy this week’s “Curiosity” special strictly from a human standpoint, or did you find this whole ordeal just a little bit too difficult to prove on TV or just unnerving?

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