ABC’s ‘Revenge’ review: The truth hurts

Last week on “Revenge,” Emily Thorne finally made the discovery that her mother Kara Clarke was actually alive, and that she also has a rather painful memory attached to her: she tried to kill Emily when she was just a little girl. It’s fair to say that knowing this really could change everything, especially when it comes to just how much time she wanted to spend with mommy dearest.

What’s the answer here? Really, it’s that Emily doesn’t even want her around. While Kara was trying to get herself involved in the life of “Amanda” as well as her baby, Emily was trying to think about a way to get her removed from her life altogether again. The problem? This new Kara was someone who seemingly was nice, and she was doing everything that she could in order to win Amanda over. She admitted to her flaws, her actions, and said that she wanted to very much be a part of her life. Of course, this did pose a major problem for Amanda in that her interests did not line up completely with what Emily wanted, though even she¬†appeared¬†to be somewhat moved by Kara’s heartfelt apology near the end of the episode.

While all of this is going on this week, there was plenty of paranoia that also unfolded courtesy of the Grayson family, which slowly started to descend into a state of panic with Kara back in the picture. The real shock here? That Conrad wants Victoria to marry him again, mostly so that the two cannot testify against each other legally.

Knowing how much the truth can hurt was a strange theme throughout the episode, as we saw how much Emily was hurt by knowing what her mother did; meanwhile, she also decided to not reveal the truth to Jack about who Amanda was, largely so that he could go on with his new family in tow. The problem? There is one other person out there who knows the secret, and he could bring the fury if he so desires.

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Photo: ABC

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