‘Once Upon a Time’ review: Lana Parrilla shines in Dr. Whale’s episode

If there was ever a good time for a good scary story on “Once Upon a Time” this season, it was for the episode that aired Sunday night. Ultimately, it was one of the coolest hours that the show has put on, and even though the primary story surrounding Dr. Whale did not necessarily push forward the story in Storybrooke to bring back Emma and Mary Margaret from the other world, it was still very compelling and brought us so much more of an understanding of who Regina is and just why she turned to dark magic to begin with.

Lana Parrilla pretty much much crushed the heart of pretty much every viewers this week as learned that Daniel, the one person that she once loved more than any other before he was killed, had been revived from the dead by Dr. Whale, so of course goes by the alter ego of Dr. Frankenstein. Unfortunately, he was hardly the same sort of man that he once was, and was instead a monster bent on just destroying anything and everything in his path. This was frightening, and also a testament to the age-old story that you really can’t go back in time and expect everything to be the same.

While all of this was happening, the story that was pushing forward this week involved Emma and Snow meeting up with Captain Hook, who at first tried to lie about who he was before finally giving them some information about what we really the plan to make it to Storybrooke. Unfortunately, there was a major problem within here as they have to take a compass that they need away from a giant, who we are otherwise going to know by the name of Jorge Garcia.

In watching this episode, the one thing that we are admittedly curious about is this: what sort of world, really, is Dr. Frankenstein is? We want to know just where the rules are here, what sort of characters we could meet there, and whether it is something more than the real world over a century in the past.

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