Law & Order: SVU season 21 episode 5 promo: Three cases at once

SVU season 21One of the constant themes of Law & Order: SVU is struggle. We see it manifest in a wide array of different cases, let alone a number of different ways. It’s always with the victims, and it’s present with the Unit as they do their best to figure out what happened. Clues and testimony are very rarely easy to come by.

On Thursday night’s episode 5 (which carries with it the title of “At Midnight in Manhattan”), they will perhaps be even harder to uncover than most. What we’re getting a chance to see during this installment is three cases that are unfolding at around the same time, and every single one of them features a variation of a ticking clock. This means that there’s not going to be a lot of time in order to figure out the clues that are necessary to resolve some of these crises.

For Carisi, it’s clear that this is one of his biggest challenges that he’s faced so far in his time running the District Attorney’s office. We know that he is intent on getting justice for these victims, but that’s going to be a task like no other. There aren’t too many resources available within this tiny span of time, but this will prove his effectiveness in the job. We don’t need to question his mettle, given that we’ve seen him, time and time again, prove himself worthy when it comes to taking on crises. That’s what makes him, after all, so different from the newcomer ADAs. We’ve already seen him when the pressure is on. (Think in terms of shootouts, or even heated courtroom battles where SVU needs to find a way to get an answer.)

In addition to the time-crunch and the pressure of these three cases, also wonder about this entering Thursday night’s episode — these are SVU cases. More than likely, there are probably going to be a few different twists in here that you don’t see coming along the way.

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