The Resident season 3 spoilers: What lies ahead for AJ, Mina?

The ResidentAs we navigate our way further and further along into The Resident season 3, one thing appears to be very clear: The relationship between AJ and Mina is going to continue to be interesting.

On this past episode, we saw something that definitely took us by surprise: Mina having a dream where she kissed her mentor. This is something that could have some significant ramifications down the line, but how the producers of The Resident decide to play that should prove interesting. After all, we don’t think that they are out to necessarily prove anything when it comes to such a romance being viable. As a matter of fact, it may not be something that they want at all. Instead, they just seem interested in playing out this scenario where you’ve got these two characters with some feelings for each other, but that doesn’t mean it will turn into anything. AJ has some feelings about such a pairing that would cause him to resist.

In speaking on this subject further via TVLine, here is some of what executive producer Todd Harthan has to say:

“What we’re exploring now is not so much the Raptor’s side of it. He, as the mentor, will always toe the line and will not cross that line … For [Mina], this episode was more about being honest with herself about how she feels. In being honest, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to cross a line, but will she at least express how she feels to Raptor in an upcoming episode? Certainly keep watching.”

Is it possible that the two could have a different dynamic if their work relationship changed? We wouldn’t rule that out, given that the power dynamic would change and so could some of the consequences around the two of them being together. Yet, this is far from a confirmation that something will happen when, in fact, nothing may. For now, we’d just classify it as one of many interesting stories worth watching out for as this season continues to progress.

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