Better Call Saul season 5: Could Bryan Cranston still appear?

Better Call Saul season 5Is there still a small chance at a Bryan Cranston appearance on Better Call Saul season 5? At the moment, it feels unlikely … but never say never, right?

(Warning: There are some El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie spoilers within.)

Fresh off of his surprise return as Walter White in the recently-released Netflix movie starring Aaron Paul, Cranston spoke with Entertainment Weekly about a wide array of topics, including the extreme secrecy that was used in getting him to appear in the film in the first place. He also expressed openness in coming back to the role of Walt, though he admitted that this was something that he didn’t spend much time pondering over when he is away from the Vince Gilligan franchise:

I don’t think about it at all. The only time I think about Walter White in Better Call Saul is when I get asked that question, and I get asked that question all the time. But I know that that [Better Call Saul co-creator] Vince and [co-creator] Peter Gould, who runs the show, are so protective of their characters and their story that they don’t want to do something that feels like a stunt like, “Oh, hey, we got Sweeps coming up! Look who’s gonna show up on Better Call Saul!” It’s like, “Ewww.” It’s not going to be that. If and when I do — of course I would because for the same reasons of El Camino —  it feels appropriate and it’s in the milieu of that storytelling. I would do it because I love those guys and Bob and everybody on that show who I’m a fan of. It would [have to be] very soon according to the story line that I would show up as Walt. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, I’m okay.

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Our feeling is that unless it’s for a truly-brilliant Better Call Saul flashback with some pertinent information, there is no clear reason in order to see Walter White again. It would also feel like a retread of El Camino to just throw Walt somewhere into that movie after just doing it with Jesse.

Also, remember this — Walt was a father figure to Jesse, albeit a rather twisted one at times. Saul Goodman and Mr. White don’t have that sort of relationship. Jimmy McGill had other formative people in his world, but unfortunately for him, a lot of them were gone at the time of the Breaking Bad era.

Do you think that Better Call Saul needs a Bryan Cranston cameo at this point?

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