‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Jennifer Carpenter talks favorite upcoming episode

Sunday night marks the fifth episode of “Dexter” this season, but if you look forward for a few weeks, you are going to find an episode that is near and dear to one Jennifer Carpenter’s heart. Why is that? Let’s just say that it may actually be her favorite one out of everything that she has done on the show over the years.

Speaking in a new interview on VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz” recently Carpenter expressed this very feeling, and also said that one of her favorite deaths on the entire series is also coming in a matter of episodes. As for the finale, it’s apparently so good that it nearly had the actress falling out of her rather awkward-looking chair with excitement. There is still so much good stuff to come this season, and we like seeing someone who works on the show seem to be so genuinely excited about all of it. (After all, it’s really not that often that you see this happen!)

Away from the “Dexter” scoop in general, it’s also just fun to see a side of Carpenter that is not nearly as serious as who we see on TV in Deb. During this interview, she also told a rather hilarious story about crashing at Chris Kattan’s place using lawn furniture when she first moved to Los Angeles (remember Chris Kattan?), and she was yet another young performer struggling to try and make ends meet before landing a role that is very much Emmy-worthy this year.

Have Carpenter’s comments somehow made you more excited for the rest of the season than you were already? Be sure to share below!

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