Outlander (Jamie & Claire) vs. Shadowhunters (Magnus & Alec) -‘Shiptober poll

Outlander season 4

Welcome to ‘Shiptober 2019! Throughout the month of October, CarterMatt will be bringing you our annual tournament featuring some of best ‘ships in all of TV. What is a ‘ship? It is comprised of characters you want to see together romantically. Maybe they’re already together, or maybe they’ve never been together. It doesn’t matter. ‘Shipping is one of the most popular parts of any TV fandom, it’s super fun and this tournament is a celebration of that.

In today’s edition of ‘Shiptober, the third round is beginning! We’ve got a fantastic group of contenders still fighting for the top prize, and all indications at present suggest that this one is going to be big. After all, we’ve got two dominant pairings in Jamie & Claire from Outlander and Magnus & Alec from Shadowhunters squaring off for a chance to make the vaulted final four! One of them will, but that’s going to be up to you and whatever you want to do over the next several days.

Voting Rules – Voting will be underway in the poll below from now until Thursday, October 24 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time. Vote however often you’d like! (For more voting instructions or technical questions, check out the bottom of this article for answers.)

Jamie & Claire, Outlander (#1 seed) – The Frasers are coming off of their second straight win, and one of the best performances in general across ‘Shiptober 2019. Let’s just say that they are reminding us, yet again, of the duo’s popularity. The story of these two remains an epic one entering season — they are together, married, parents and grandparents, and in that sense, they are truly happy. They have almost everything that they could possibly want! Yet, at the same time there is more that they can strive for. We’re curious to see what they do as they continue to pave their path forward.

Magnus & Alec, Shadowhunters (#7 seed) – Even though we are months removed from the series finale, it’s been clear through the past two rounds that enthusiasm surrounding Malec as a ‘ship has not waned in the slightest. How could it after the wedding that they had? We like to imagine that the two are off somewhere, enjoying every single second of their life … while also still having adventures and fighting to save the world. In a lot of ways, the work that they do is their normal — that’s why saying that they could have a normal life now would be almost incongruous to their whole experience.

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