Is Charlie Weber leaving How to Get Away with Murder? Is Frank dead?

How to Get Away with MurderIs Charlie Weber leaving How to Get Away with Murder after Thursday night’s new episode — and is Frank actually dead? If you’re asking that question after tonight’s new episode of the ABC series, we totally get it.

What’s the reason for that? Well, a lot of it is due to what we saw in the closing minutes of the episode tonight, where Bonnie and Nate found a rather shocking sight outside the door — Frank’s bloodied body. The preview for what is coming up next showed Weber’s character fighting for his life and, because of that, there’s still a chance that he could pull through.

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Yet, also remember this: Frank is one of those characters who you could claim totally should’ve died on How to Get Away with Murder a long time ago. Just think about some of the stuff that we’ve seen him do! Then again, you could make this argument for almost anyone on this show at the moment — they’ve all done some pretty shocking stuff.

For Frank, though, one of the big questions moving forward is simply this: Who is responsible for what happened? We know that he’s been chasing clues on Laurel and we wanted to believe that he’d find something — something, at least, that didn’t end up putting him in so much danger. Even if he has more information, there is a reasonable chance that it could die with him.

Yet, is it possible that whoever had Frank really didn’t want him to die in the first place? That’s at least something that we’re thinking about, given that Frank’s captors seemingly had ample opportunity to do something to him and didn’t go in that particular direction. Consider this another mystery, to go along with whether or not Annalise is really dead and what happens to Connor in the flash-forward.

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What do you think of the events of tonight’s How to Get Away with Murder, and do you think that Frank will survive this? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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