‘The New Normal’ preview: Honey Boo Boo and other Halloween highlights

For those of you who love their Halloween specials to have a little bit of everything, “The New Normal” is airing a good one on Tuesday night. We’ve already been lucky enough to catch the episode, and without giving anything away, let’s just say that it combines just about everything that you love about October 31 with everything that you have come to love about “The New Normal”: there are some laugh-out-loud moments, a few moments that will make you say “aww,” and at least one major plot point that will push the story forward in a big way.

Just to get you a little bit more excited about the episode, here are a few more teasers we’ll pass along your way:

-Even though Honey Boo Boo does not make an appearance in the episode, her presence is still very much felt; plus, there are some pretty hilarious quotes thrown in here that may very well make you holler.

-The only thing better than David’s Halloween costume is his explanation for wearing it.

– At least one character is going to be wearing multiple Halloween costumes over the course of the entire episode.

-There are going to be some celebrity guest stars, though you may have heard about them already if you have read the site recently. As for what sort of role they’ll be playing … let’s just say that we didn’t see it coming.

-NeNe Leakes finds a way yet again to be this show’s unsung hero, even if she is not as much of a major player as she was during last week’s episode.

“The New Normal” continues to grow on us after we started off the season a little unsure, and it’s getting pretty close to “best new comedy of the season” territory. If you want some Halloween fun, you can get it a day early over on NBC.

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