On set with Chicago PD season 7: Crossover, Jay Halstead discussion!

Chicago PD season 7 episode 2There’s no more waiting — tonight on NBC, the epic One Chicago crossover is here! You’re going to see the casts of Chicago Fire, Chicago Medand Chicago PD work together in order to stop an infection that threatens the lives of almost everyone in the city.

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Yesterday, we brought you some quotes from the Chicago Med producing team highlighting just how substantial this story is and some of the challenges that went into making it. Today, we’ve got some more insight via the PD creative team! While at One Chicago Day earlier this month, executive producer Rick Eid noted that from the very beginning, plotting this crossover presented a difference in thinking:

“It’s not really a crossover — it’s one big event. Every show is in each scene almost. It’s a movie starring the people of One Chicago. It’s structured differently and it’s written differently.”

Meanwhile, fellow EP and director Eriq La Salle took us through a lot of what made this difficult on the ground:

“The crossovers in general are logistical nightmares. It’s challenge enough to get a show done, to get locations [organized]. Now, you have to get three shows operating as one. You have to borrow actors, you have to borrow sets. This one is the biggest that [we’ve] ever done. Whenever you make something bigger, you make the challenges bigger. The payoff is also greater, as well. It all comes together somehow, even when at first you don’t think that it will.”

Bonus Jay Halstead scoop!

While it may not be crossover-specific, Eid noted that moving forward, be prepared to see Jay find more of his voice and be okay going toe-to-toe with Hank Voight when the situation calls for it:

“Halstead is trying to find his footing in an Antonio-less world. I think he believes in what he believes in, and at times it comes into conflict with Voight. I think he’s comfortable voicing his opinion now.

“We like to highlight how it’s challenging to be in Voight’s world, if you have a very specific point of view on life and crime in Chicago.”

In other words, the problems with Halstead and Voight aren’t going away — there could be a whole lot more drama coming up later this season!

What do you want to see on Chicago Med season 5?

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