‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: First look at Misha Collins, Amanda Tapping

On the November 14 episode of “Supernatural,” we are going to finally see something that we know many people (especially diehard sci-fi fans) have been waiting for over the past several weeks: the arrival of Amanda Tapping as a mysterious character named Naomi.

Now, we at least know who the actress is going to be spending most of her time with early on … and it is not Sam or Dean. Rather, the photo above shows off Naomi, who is some sort of angel who is different than any that we have seen on the show before, spending some time with none other than Misha Collins’ Castiel. According to reports, this photo is indeed from the present, and Cas is no longer going to be trapped in purgatory.

However, there is a major twist that is going to be coming along with this: Cas is not going to be particularly aware of how he managed to get out of the world he was stuck in. It’s possible that he and Naomi have some sort of decorated past, since there is still quite a bit about this character that we have not had an opportunity to learn about just yet. We do love that even though we are a hear down the road down, the guy is still wearing the signature trenchcoat that we have come to know and love.

What do you think about this photo, and are you interested in seeing just what is going to happen next when it comes to him and this new addition? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below!

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