The Blacklist season 7 episode 3 promo: Is Katarina taking care of Agnes?

The Blacklist season 7 episode 3Throughout most of The Blacklist season 7, we have known that Liz Keen is desperately seeking a babysitter. Meanwhile, we also learned at the end of tonight’s new episode that Katarina Rostova is moving into the same apartment building as her (apparent) daughter, and she’s met both Liz and Agnes already.

The more that we’re thinking about it, the more that it is all lining up: We’re probably going to be seeing Katarina become the new babysitter. Yes, that is every bit as terrifying as you would imagine.

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What we’re left to wonder entering The Blacklist season 7 episode 3 on Friday is largely this: Shouldn’t Liz be suspicious in some way about Katarina? Think about it like this: She’s aware that, at least on some level, her mother is involved with Reddington’s capture. She may not be aware that it is Rostova herself behind it, but there’s enough of a metaphorical signal flare off in the air that she cannot ignore it. Also, isn’t it strange to her that a woman has just turned up in an apartment down the hall, one occupied by a longtime tenant? Given that Katarina claims that she’s subleasing the unit for the time being, this suggests that she won’t be sticking around forever — if she becomes the babysitter, it may just be a short-term gig.

As for what Katarina wants to do in this role, we would argue it has a lot to do with threatening Reddington. We don’t think that she wants to kill either Liz or Agnes, but we do think that she wants to get some answers as to who is after her and why. Resolving the mystery of the Townsend Directive is one of her most important goals at the moment. Knowing what we do about Katarina at this particular point, we think that if she had to kill her daughter or granddaughter to get that info, she would. It’s all about making Reddington uneasy and/or motivating him that if he wants to ensure their safety, he has to both act and act quickly.

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