Magnum PI season 2 episode 3: Is Higgins leaving or staying put?

Magnum PI season 2 premiereEntering Magnum PI season 2 episode 3 tonight, one of the things that we were promised were some answers on the subject of Higgins’ future. Would she opt to leave the team, or instead choose to stick around and partner up with Magnum? Could she stay without partnering up with the title character? There were a lot of different scenarios at play.

In the early going of the episode, Perdita Weeks’ character made it clear that she was still thinking about the offer to rejoin MI6, which she revealed at the start of the season. It was obviously something that she was weighing, and we understand why — she’s got a unique skill set that she doesn’t want to go to waste, and it was a big part of her adult life. There was always going to be an allure there.

Yet, there was certainly a chance that some things would change due to the main mission at the heart of the episode: A crisis at Robin Masters’ estate, one that began with some bad guys showing up in order to find the White Knight, a muse of Robin’s. Who hired them, and what they want, were at the center of the story. Eventually, Thomas Magnum himself was captured, which led to Higgins, TC, and Rick all joining forces with Katsumoto in order to ensure that he was rescued and a-okay.

We knew that Magnum was going to be fine, but what about Higgins? Near the end of the episode, she did admit that the two complimented each other really well … and Magnum admitted that professionally, she completed him. She did decide to accept his offer, and with that, she and Magnum are going to be partners moving forward! We imagine that with this is going to come some various twists and turns, especially since Higgins could perhaps sway him to different cases. She’s already told him that she won’t be doing cases for things that are not legal tender.

So why did Higgins make this choice in the end? In her words, she found something in Hawaii that “she didn’t want to lose.”

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What do you think — are there any specific stories that you want to see for Higgins now that she is sticking around on Magnum PI? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and remember to stick around for some other news. (Photo: CBS.)

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