‘The X Factor’ USA rankings: Diamond White, Carly Rose Sonenclair lead teens

With us having sixteen contestants left on “The X Factor” this season, we are going to be handling things a little bit different when it comes to our first-ever edition of the rankings. Being the the judges are going to decide the top three from their team, we’ll be looking at each team individually this week, and then later try to rank all of the singers against each other from different categories.

We’re going to go daily from the youngest group to the oldest, so with that in mind, let’s start things off by looking at who on Team Britney Spears is poised to shine the brightest moving forward. We’re judging these performances based on a small criteria, including talent, likability, airtime, and whether they have something that America could really rally behind as a true superstar.

4. Beatrice Miller – She’s a fine young singer, but the biggest issue with Beatrice is that she hasn’t received the sort of airtime as the other three contestants. She’s the easy choice for Britney to send home next weekend, since she’s not as memorable as the others. They all had full audition packages; meanwhile, she got to sing for all of about five seconds prior to bootcamp (see the video below for evidence).

3. Arin Ray – We’re a little confused about what the message here is with the former inTENsity member in the top 16 this year: if at first you don’t succeed, break up with your group and try again? He certainly has an advantage in that he has been here before, but the main drawback he has right now is that we don’t know if there’s anything about him that pops like it should with a superstar.

2. Diamond White – Right now, she could very well be this competition’s diamond in the rough, and a sleeper to win the whole things based on how she grows and improves. For a teenager she has an immense and powerful voice, and thus far her edit has been solid, with her appearing at just about every stage in the competition.

1. Carly Rose Sonenclair – The good news for Carly is that she may be to many at the moment the favorite to win the competition. The problem? She’s the favorite to win the competition. We compare her trajectory thus far to Drew Ryniewicz from last season, and that worked great for a few weeks leading out of the judges’ houses. The one thing Carly Rose needs to make sure she and Britney work on is making sure that she does not appear older than she is, and allow herself to have some fun along with her incredible voice. This is what ended up hurting Drew in the end, and we wouldn’t mind seeing her speeding up this performance of “Brokenhearted”.

Who do you think is the best from Britney’s team?

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