‘Blue Bloods’: The latest on the Jennifer Esposito situation

CBS LogoAs we told you about earlier this week, there was a rather unfortunate situation brewing when it came to actress Jennifer Esposito and CBS over her role on “Blue Bloods,” the hit Friday-night crime drama in which she has been placed on leave from due to some complications from celiac disease, which caused her to collapse on the show’s set. The problem? The actress feels as though the studio CBS TV decided to just take her off the show rather than try to come up with a schedule that would accommodate for her recovery.

Now, a source tells the New York Post that rather than try and go into some sort of deep legal proceeding, Esposito’s first option is still trying to get back out on TV in front of her fans:

“Attorneys for Jennifer have been negotiating with CBS to see if she can be reinstated on the show … They hope to reach a deal for a special accommodation to be made for her disease while working on an episodic TV show.”

Esposito has been more than vocal about her experience with the show as of late, even going as far as to call suggestions that her leave was racially motivated “not true” (as she never said this, but merely retweeted the opinion of a fan). She has also called parts of the aforementioned Post story “lies,” and insists that she is being “blocked from working” and has not been fired from the show.

We’ll let you know more about what is going on with this dramatic situation in the near future; for now, CBS is holding steady to their statement that Esposito was simply unable to work due to her condition, and due to that they are casting replacements for her character of Jackie Curatola.

Photo: CBS

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