‘Shark Tank’ review: Scrub Daddy, SBU, Shemie, and The Bear & the Rat

For this week’s episode of “Shark Tank,” we saw some great ideas, and then, we also saw some that were both bizarre, confusing, and really just strange. We’re not going to waste much time here … let’s just get into it.

Scrub Daddy – Does anyone else think that this guy was the second coming of Billy Mays? What a great salesman! We’ve seen a ton of these scrubbing devices all over the place on infomercials, but what we really enjoyed about this one was just that there was a personality behind it, and it is something that we could actually see selling. As a matter of fact, Lori Greiner went as far as to actually give him $200,000 for 20% of the company, which really is the same proportion that he was originally asking for in $100,000 for 10%.

The Bear & the Rat – Dog treats is an impossible market to get into, and to make matters worse, only a select number of people are going to actually use freezer space on something for your pets. There are just too many other products out there for any sharks to bite on this. However, we did find it hilarious that Robert Herjavec said “no” to this product, and then got the dog in the pitch to do a trick.

SBU – Everyone wants to redefine transportation, and a self-balancing unicycle is one way to do it. However, we personally think that this idea is completely and totally ridiculous. We seriously cannot see anyone riding down the street on something like this, and even if this unicycle keeps you from falling over, it still seems dangerous and not that great of an alternative to walking. Just our opinion. Kevin O’Leary and Robert did go in on this, though, so that’s something.

Shemie – Finally, we turn to a product that has a little bit of a mystery. The product was more or less a slip that you can use for a variety of clothing, and we do see its value in certain situations. We just don’t completely love the emotional story here and the back-and-forth. Sob stories drive us crazy on this show, but the entire pitch was just uncomfortable to watch. With that, she didn’t get an offer.

Would you have purchased any of the products this week?

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