The Good Doctor season 3 spoilers: Claire’s mother dies; what’s next?

Claire BrowneOn Monday night’s The Good Doctor season 3, there was a devastating sequence of events when it comes to Dr. Claire Browne. How so? She had worked so hard to build something more and establish a certain degree of trust with her mother, only for her mother to give into her demons one more time. She drank some champagne from Claire’s place and then died in a drunk-driving incident; now, Claire has to deal with the aftermath of that.

Is Claire responsible for Breeze’s actions? Now, as she is her own person her own sense of right and wrong. Yet, that doesn’t mean that this is going to be an easy situation at all for her to deal with. It’s going to be one that will define a good chuck of what’s to come, though she will not handle this in an expected way.

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In speaking on this subject further via TVLine, here is some of what Antonia Thomas had to say on the subject of what’s next:

The way that she deals with [Breeze’s death] is relatively unusual. Although Claire is very open with her patients and empathetic in that way, when it comes to herself, she kind of goes into shutdown mode, and that is something we are exploring quite heavily. You’re going to see an interesting change.

Do we think that some doctors will be there for her? It’s more than likely going to be the case, though this is not the sort of position that leads to a lot of time for mourning. In general, we expect that Claire is going to have to handle a lot of this internally, and that could be a big problem since eventually, she may not have very many opportunities to let it all out before it explodes. This is going to be a painful stretch of episodes coming up, and we really can just help that she finds a way to get through it.

Overall, it is very much clear that this was an emotional episode, and a fantastic performance from Antonia Thomas at the same time. We will see where the story goes from here, since it does have to fluctuate in focus on some other supporting characters as well.

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