Blue Bloods season 10 episode 3 sneak peek: Jamie and Erin at odds

Blue Bloods season 10

Balancing work and family with the Reagans is never easy, but what’s coming up on Blue Bloods season 10 episode 3 is going to be something a bit different that’s really going to hit close to home for Erin and Jamie – and it’s something that could’ve cost him his life!

If you check out the sneak peek you will get a better sense of what we are talking about here. Jamie is going to be in a situation where someone is shooting at him and while thankfully he didn’t get shot, this is a situation that he feels could’ve been avoided all together… and that Erin is the person that could’ve made that happen. How so? Well the person that was shooting at Jamie was someone that she had a chance to put away 6 months earlier. Instead of doing time, this guy got a diversion plea and ended up back on the streets with an opportunity to shoot at Jamie.

Normally Jamie supports programs that help people rehabilitate when struggling with drugs, but only with first time offenders. Because this person has been collared more then once, Jamie is more then a little upset about this and he seems to be placing his anger on Erin even though she’s not the one that made the deal for this guy. Are they going to find a way to deal with this situation now that he is in the wind once again? Seems that Erin might have an idea on how to flush him out and help Jamie apprehend him.

With this being as intense of a situation as it is, we are looking forward to the idea of Jamie and Erin working together to bring the bad guy down. This season has been introducing some new elements to the family dynamics both at work and at home and we are really enjoying it so far.

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(Photo: CBS.)

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