NCIS season 17 episode 3 sneak peeks: The Ziva Effect on the team

NCIS season 16With our two big Ziva episodes behind us NCIS season 17 is rolling into some new cases – that being said, don’t think for a second that the Ziva Effect isn’t going to be strong going into episode 3. her return shook our team to it’s core in so many different ways creating a chaotic environment as everyone banded together to help get her out of hiding, but also bringing out some heavy emotions from Gibbs and McGee. Is anyone really going to be able to just go back to business as usual after this whirlwind of emotion, excitement and danger? Not a chance.

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Ready to dive into these two sneak peeks? Let’s do this!

For the first sneak peek (we have both of them for you to check out below) Vance has asked Sloane to access the team morale and get everyone back on track after Ziva came in, stirred things up and then Poof! Like a ninja back into the night she’s gone. Everyone was amped up and had this electric vibe when she was back and now that she’s gone, McGee, Torres and Bishop are all seeming a little down in the dumps about her no longer being around (we are sure that there are a lot of us fans out there that feel that way too). Sloane wants to help get the team feeling better and focused on the new cases at hand. Torres blames McGee and Bishop for lying to Vance saying that this is his punishment on all of them, but Sloane assures them that she just wants to give them a space to talk if they need it (and she’s a bit insulted that Nick thinks talking to her is a form of punishment).

Now for sneak peek number two! This one is all about the case of the week and if you’ve seen some of the promos out there then you know that this is all about death by garden gnome. With Jimmy’s help, the team is literally putting the pieces of this gnome back together (along with finding some grass) which gives them their first big clue to cracking the case.

Did you see our interview with the NCIS showrunners? If you missed our chat with Steven Binder and Frank Cardea all about Ziva’s return and whether or not Tony could be coming back then just head over here to read all about it.

We have loved having Ziva on the show and we are really happy that they aren’t just going to move forward without addressing how something this big will affect the team (especially Gibbs and McGee). We are also excited to get into our first procedural case of the season to see what the writers have in store for us.

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