Vikings season 6 trailer is here, premiere date revealed!

Vikings season 6Vikings fans everywhere have been waiting for the final season to drop and finally we have a trailer as well as a premiere date! Vikings is easily one of the best shows on television right now and if you have been reading CarterMatt over the years then you know that we think it’s the best show on the planet.

Ragnar has long been gone and in this final season we are looking for the story of his sons to be tied up along with what will happen to Lagertha. We know that the Seer has long told her that one of Ragnar’s sons will be her undoing, but the question is which one? Everyone suspects it will be Ivar since they have long been battling over Kattegat as well as the fact that Lagertha killed his mother, but with this being Vikings it really could be any of his sons. We know that Katheryn Winnick is now on the Netflix show Wu Assassins (check out more about her new role in our interview with showrunner John Wirth), so we are curious as to how much of this finale season she will be in.

In the Vikings season 6 trailer the theme seems to be clear: All hail king Bjorn! Ivar is out, he’s in hiding and Bjorn is ruling, but how long will it stay this way? The Kattegat throne has been passed around from Ragnar, to Lagertha, to Ivar and now Bjorn and that’s not even mentioning that Harald is still vying for his turn. The Kattegat throne is one thing, but this trailer makes it clear that they are looking to figure out which king they are going to elect to put on the throne of all of Norway and Bjorn seems to be at the top of a lot of people’s lists.

Bjorn has a few clear threats that he will have to battle along this path to becoming the king of Norway with Harald being one of them and don’t count out Ivar yet either. He has resurfaced and is joining another kingdom’s forces as he plans to find a way to rule once again.

One of the things that we have long loved about Vikings outside of the stories are the battle scenes. There is no other show that brings us a battle like Vikings and the trailer shows us that they have more in store for us! They are the top of the game when it comes to close combat as well as large battle sequences with plenty of them taking place during the day and showing us everything (that final season of Game of Thrones can take a page out of the Vikings handbook on how to light a fight scene, just saying).

So when can we expect to see Vikings season 6 on the air? Well the premiere date was revealed in this trailer along with the fact that it’s going to be a two hour premiere (man, we love a two hour premiere)!!! Clear your schedules for Wednesday, December 4 starting at 9 pm for it’s big return! You know that we will be there right along side you for what is going to be a brilliant final season.

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