Madam Secretary season 6 premiere gets Madam President makeover

Madam SecretaryThe Madam Secretary season 6 premiere on CBS Sunday night brought about a number of different changes — including one when it comes to the show’s title!

Early on in the premiere episode, you had a chance to see the series showcase something a little bit different — when it had its title reveal early on, it changed things up. Madam President was, at least temporarily, shown off to be the new title for the show. This doesn’t mean that the series is shaking things up and re-marketing itself. Instead, it’s more of the show nodding towards where it is right now where Elizabeth McCord is POTUS. Think of this as just a clever little nod more so than anything groundbreaking. It’s something that feels similar to the final season of Scrubs, when the show was playfully referred to as Scrubs: Med School.

Throughout the remaining episodes, you are going to continue to see Elizabeth working in order to lead the country as President, dealing with international and domestic issues. It’s the most complex season of the show to date and yet, the irony here is that there are fewer episodes in order to tell the remainder of the story. That’s a CBS decision, so the writers just have to figure out how to tell the best story they can in the amount of time that they have.That’s not always going to be the easiest thing in the world.

So could there be a proper Madam President spin-off in the future? We would love that, but it’s unlikely. In some ways, we imagine that this season is in a lot of ways the spin-off. While it may have similar characters, the stories are a little bit different … but the overall message is very much still the same.

No matter how Madam Secretary / Madam President end, let’s just hope that we get something that is fun, exciting, and also as moving as it can be in the amount of time that is left. At this time in history, we need a show that preaches some optimism when it comes to our leaders … even in a fictional capacity.

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