‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 spoilers: First video of ‘The Autumn of Breakups’

Are Ted and Victoria about to be heading down a dark road on “How I Met Your Mother” this season? That is not exactly clear just yet, but the latest promo released for Monday night’s new episode does very much give us the indication that this couple could soon be one of the couples that falls victim to “The Autumn of Breakups” (which is suitably the title here).

What’s the source of the conflict? Really, it seems to be marriage of all things, not too long, even, after Victoria decided to leave her fiance Klaus at the altar to give her relationship with Ted another shot. Based on what we are seeing, it looks as though she is ready to tie the knot for real here, but Ted does not appear to be as anxious to jump forward with it. Why could this be? Really, we can think of two major reasons for this right off the top of our head.

1. Ted may be worried that she could do to him what she did to Klaus, and he knows what the feeling is like considering that Stella did the same thing to him several seasons ago. This would be the most understandable insecurity in the world all things considered.

2. Ted may just not feel like she is the one, as badly as he really wants her to be. These two do have a lot in common … but do they have enough in common? That is the question that merits an answer pretty soon.

Even if these two do make it through this episode together, it probably means that this will be the end for Robin and Nick instead; whichever couple lasts through this episode will probably be over come “Splitsville,” which is going to be airing not too long after this one.

Why do you think Ted is hesitant to marry Victoria?

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